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Course Information Year 2 Courses: Practice of Medicine

The Practice of Medicine is comprehensive multidisciplinary course that will address the development of knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviors that are necessary for the physician in order to practice the art and science of medicine.

The course will follow the organ-based design of the integrated medical curriculum.

The course has been designed to enhance the following areas: history taking skills, physical examination skills, communication skills, counseling skills, ethical issues and finally professional behavior.

A variety of settings are provided to meet the course objectives.

At least two hours a week will be devoted to small group sessions with individual faculty where primarily clinically oriented, problem based cases will be used to enhance clinical skills.

These sessions may also be used to demonstrate or practice specific skills, such as simulated patient interviewing, or practicing the physical examination. Laboratory sessions may also be utilized to develop skills.

The course will also present two didactic lectures per week.

Last, the students will make approximately 10 clinical site visits throughout the academic year. These visits will include sites such as the hospital wards and various clinics. The purpose of the clinical site visits is to enhance history taking and physical examination skills.

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