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An Open Access, Systematic approach


Practice of Medicine - Year 1: Module 3 - Week 2

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Course Information Year 1 Courses: Practice of Medicine

Resources for Professional Identity Formation

⚠ This page was originally intended to be a copy of a university syllabus that was available for public download from the links listed at the bottom of this page. Although I had to make slight modifications for style while transferring the content to this website, I made every effort to not touch the content itself. The syllabic content is copyrighted by its authors.

My notes are formatted as blockquotes, like this one, licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0, and © 2021 by Pavel Zhelnov, MD.

Small Group Activity

PRIOR to Small Group

Definitions of health literacy-Please read through briefly and choose which one is the best one for you:

Read the introduction to this chapter on health literacy and health disparities.

Review the PEMAT (Patient Educational Materials Tool) as it applies to the materials you are creating.

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