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Neurology Clerkship: Week 2

Neurology Clerkship Information

Required Cases

View Web Lectures Here

Suggested Reading and Viewing

Day 8 (Monday): Ch. 22-24 in Blueprints: Neurology + Web lecture: Neuromuscular Disorders - Richard C Bailey, M.D.

Day 9 (Tuesday): Ch. 25 and Questions 1-50 in Blueprints: Neurology

Day 10 (Wednesday): Questions 51-100

Day 11 (Thursday): Review

Day 12 (Friday): Morning shelf exam

The reading and viewing materials are tools for you to learn neurology.

The questions in the shelf exam are comparable to those in Step II.

There will be downtime during the day in hospital or at clinic. Make good use of the down time to read.

You will impress a faculty member if you read the chapters in their specialty area the night before you are working with him or her.

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