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Gastrointestinal/Nutrition: Week 1

Course Information Year 2 Courses: Gastro-Intestinal/Nutrition

Physiology and Immunity of the Gut, Biliary System Function

See Blackboard (Content>Lecture Materials) for Weekly Objective and PowerPoint slides.

Boards and Beyond - Suggested

List of Boards and Beyond Videos along with length

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This Week: 193 minutes total


PBL - Enrichment Readings

Lecture 1 - Introduction to Regulation to Gut Motility Function

Lecture 2 -Gut Motility Function in Health & Disease

Lecture 3 - Gastric Secretion; Mechanisms & Regulation

Lecture 4 - Electrolyte & Fluid Balance Exchange

Lecture 5 -Function on the Biliary System

Lecture 6 - Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease & Complications

Self-Teaching Activity - Required Readings

Functional Histology and Cell Biology of the GI tract and Associated Glands

Required Readings:

Enrichment Readings

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