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Медицинский английский, USMLE. Дизайн научных исследований, базы данных, статистический анализ. Синтез доказательств (литобзор): систематический обзор литературы, литературный обзор предметного поля (scoping review).

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An Open Access, Systematic approach


Course Information Year 2 Courses: Gastro-Intestinal/Nutrition

The Gastrointestinal/Nutrition (GIN) course provides an integrated approach to understanding the pathophysiologic basis of gastrointestinal, hepatic and nutritional disorders as well as the pharmacological rationale for their therapy. The structure and function of the gastrointestinal tract and associated organs are explored at the physiological, cellular, molecular and biochemical levels in both health and disease. A variety of traditional, interactive and online tools are used throughout the course, with special emphasis paid to laboratory sessions in pathology and related disciplines. At the same time, students are introduced to the clinical approach to these disorders, including clinical, laboratory, and radiographic findings.

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