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Family Medicine Clerkship: Reading

Family Medicine Clerkship - Syllabus (PDF)

Family Medicine Clerkship - Clerkship Survival Guide (PDF)

Family Medicine is a broad and diverse field. It combines the traditional biomedical disciplines with particular skills in the analysis and use of community resources; knowledge and experience of organizational and management techniques for the delivery of medical care; and an awareness and ability to understand, diagnose, and use the psychological and social elements that are concomitant of health and disease. This information may be drawn from many sources.

Case Files: Family Medicine (by Toy, Briscoe, Reddy, and Britton: ISBN # 9781259587702, 4th edition, 2016) has been a very popular resource for many students. Access partial book online through the Moody Medical Library (MML) http://guides.utmb.edu/c.php?g=411424&p=2804150 It is available in the campus bookstore and in a Kindle format.

In addition to this book, most students purchase some type of study guide to prepare for the Family Medicine NBME (shelf exam.)

Other possible texts include:

You are expected to read about the cases in which you are involved and take advantage of the medical library online databases.

FM Clerkship Top 30 Common Conditions and Presentations Guide is found online through the Moody Medical Library. This is an excellent resource to review what you are seeing in clinic.


Helpful Apps:

https://ifammed.utmb.edu/clerkship/ -> AY2019-2020 Syllabus
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