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Cardiovascular/Pulmonary: Case 11

Course Information Year 2 Courses: Cardiovascular & Pulmonary

Path Labs





Z. L. Neelsen

Week 9

Note: No case in Week 10 - Course themes and self-directed study

FINAL - End of Week 10

Boards and Beyond - Required

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This Week: 230 minutes



Weekly Objectives

Pneumonia/TB, Staff, Fungal and Gram negative rod (GNR) infections

  1. Identify viral pathogens associated with human respiratory diseases
  2. Describe immunologic consequences of influenza viral infections.
  3. Outline a differential diagnosis of bacterial pneumonias.
  4. Describe the presentation, microbiology, diagnosis, and treatment of TB.
  5. Describe the presentation, microbiology, diagnosis, and treatment of pulmonary fungal infections.
  6. Differentiate clinical features of viral, bacterial, mycobacterial, and fungal pneumonias in terms of:
    1. Imaging
    2. Microbiology
    3. Immunology
    4. Treatments
  7. Describe the physiologic consequences of pneumonia on gas exchange and minute ventilation.
  8. List organisms commonly associated with community acquired pneumonia
  9. Describe host defense mechanisms involved in protection against acquiring pneumonia.
  10. Differentiate cellular and humoral mechanisms of immune defense.
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