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Медицинский английский, USMLE. Дизайн научных исследований, базы данных, статистический анализ. Синтез доказательств (литобзор): систематический обзор литературы, литературный обзор предметного поля (scoping review).

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Critical Care Selective: Week 1

Organization and Course Description

Patient Experience and Procedure Logs

Suggested Texts
Some readings from the suggested texts will be required prior to designated academic sessions

Required Online Modules

Virtual Critical Care Rounds

Provided through the Society for Critical Care Medicine (SCCM) website. Students will be expected to complete all modules in either the VCCR Adult I or VCCR Pediatric II series. Each student will be provided with a login and password for both series, and progress and completion dates will be monitored by the selective director. Certain modules will need to be completed by certain dates (e.g., the module on Shock will need to be completed prior to the on-campus didactic session on shock).

VCCR Access: https://www.sccm.org/Education-Center

Mechanical Ventilation


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